It’s all gone

Let the Gap Year Begin

  • It’s been a stressful week there’s no denying it. I must admit previously when I’d heard people talk of the stresses of moving house I’d been pretty dismissive. Even whilst living in the UK we’ve been semi nomadic, moving house whenever the whim took us, and we never found the experience particularly traumatic.

But this is different.

We aren’t neatly packing our belongings away, in anticipation of releasing them into their new home. No. With the exception of what we can fit into 2 Osprey packs we are selling, giving away, and throwing away everything we have accumulated in 16 years together.

Understandably we were reluctant to do this until the house sale was nailed on, so we were in a kind of limbo until the solicitors exchanged contracts.

With a completion date tentatively agreed for the 8th July we failed to exchange contracts on Thursday 30th June, then on Friday 1st July, then again on Monday 4th, then Tuesday, then again on Wednesday, by which time we were both jibbering wrecks.

We always thought we would have at least a week to get our affairs in order, however on the morning of Thursday 7th July and still with no guaranteed sale, we decide we cannot wait any longer, and start to clear the house.

By the time we get the call at 2:30pm saying that the contracts have been exchanged the house is almost empty, and the relief is palpable.

And by 4pm the next day we are half way to Manchester airport after making a stop off at our local webuyanycar outlet, to relinquish the last “necessity” from our previous life, when we get the call from the solicitor confirming that the money from the house sale is in our account.

So was it all worth it.

I hope so, but that page isn’t written yet……..

2 thoughts on “It’s all gone”

    1. Many thanks for your kind words. It’s been an interesting month. A very stressful last 2 weeks in the UK is already starting to feel like a distant memory. My wife will be in touch soon regarding your question on cosmetics, but in a nutshell bring less than you think you need.

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